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MasterCard Issuance

DCP and its Partners: Security State Bank of Atkin, MN (SSB) and Alliance Payment Services, Kingston, Jamaica. Both institutions are Principal Members of Mastercard.


Our affiliate companies have the ability to issue and acquire MasterCard programs domestically in Jamaica, other regions of the Caribbean, LAC, and the United States. All issued MasterCards are globally accepted wherever MasterCard is accepted regardless of what country the card is issued from.

As an Issuer, this allows SSB & HTL the instant ability to provide and issue a credit line to a consumer through a payment card. This issuance can be done inside a traditional financial institution, casino, sports book, betting parlor or online.

Since SSB and HTL is an acquirer, issuer, and Principal Member, this improves speed to market and operational efficiency through parameterized business rules and models. This allows SSB and HTL to grow revenues by creating new, innovative, and customized merchant services.